Zanita Morgan Style


The modern photography phenomenon and Australian fashion blogstar who with her social media influence and celebrity status constantly inspires and pushes creative boundaries in her work.

Alongside being a model, Zanita Morgan, the leggy blonde Australian beauty with piercing blue eyes, masters the skills of blogging and photography. Her fashion blog, Zanita Zanita, which attracts thousands of people is brimming with her personal insights into the fashion industry, photography and creative collaborations with major brands such as Louis Vuitton, Mango and more recently Nordstrom. Featuring a lot of her own fashion photography, Morgan distinctly captures the mood and moment, creating an ethereal beauty in any subject. Her stunning photos and alluring sense of style is a constant inspiration. On Zanita Zanita, Morgan has divided her time between snapping outfits, testing models, travelling overseas and collaborating with fellow bloggers to create personalized editorials. The self-taught photographer invites her readers along her trips and daytime walks to the world’s most striking spots. She immortalizes scenes from the globe’s most coveted fashion events, and even adds the odd intimate moment to her blog. Morgan always snaps women whose style she admires, mirroring the effortless, cool girl aesthetic recognizable by her own impeccable look and art of no-make-up make-up trend.